Heroes of the Broken Crown

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The Goblins abode...
deeper into danger they go...

The goblins abode…

With the assistance of Splug, the turncoat goblin, The party have discovered the entrance to the goblins lair! what appeared to be a shallow network of caves was the Goblins version of kennels for the wolves kept by this group. After Kaelyndris the ranger rather clumsily scouted out the position the group entered battle the goblin beast handlers and their wolves. using clever tactics and magic, many of the smaller wolves were dispatched without joining the fray while the larger armor plated wolf chewed free and attacked the group. After dispatching the defenders and looking around Kaelyndris found an old Elven bow of some magical and historical note, after some experimenting it proved to add a touch of poison to arrows used with it.

probing further in the network of caves the group came to a double set of large doors depicting Minotaurs and more interestingly the good gods: Erathis, Bahamet, Palor and Moradin. The Warrior & Cleric struggled to pull the doors open as the ladies kept watch for trouble on the other side of the portal. Swiftly the group reacted as goblins and danger revealed itself on the other side of the doors, Tyrin unleashed magical blades, darts and flame as Kaelyndris unleashed shafted death. Rogrim charged and stopped further danger from entering the fray as Daylon unleashed radiant might. At first the winds of fate were at the groups back aiding them in all their endeavors, sourly the winds changed as the goblin hex hurler entered the main chamber tossing spells and then cursing the Ranger and Cleric with blindness, at that time the goblin and guard drake in the side room are tangling with the Orc warrior Rogrim swiftly after repeated failures the drake slipped past his defenses and got around behind him and oth the drake and goblin delivered devastating blows in tandem dropping the warrior to the ground. With one member down and the other two blinded Tyrin pursued the hex hurler with magical flames and darts. Daylon summoned a divine guardian to protect the group and smith their enemies, and finally getting a sense of where Rogrim was for a healing spell Daylon got Rogrim back on his feet.

Now the group hear sounds of torture from the door ahead, while regrouping and pausing for a moment before entering the Hall of Shrines…

New beginnings...
First session


New beginnings…

The soon to be adventuring party are traveling with a pair of merchant wagons caravanning from Fallcrest to Harkenwold. As your fellow companions on this trip there are two caravan guards hired by the merchants Galwik Goldspinner, a chatty but likable dwarf from Hammerfast and Tiberius a quiet human cloth merchant, two strangers on horseback, one human maiden, the other a silent aged bodyguard from his body language every time someone approaches the pair and a family the with two children traveling on foot.

As the miles pass by everyone seems in good spirits sharing stories and provisions.

As the caravan enters the Harken forest heading west everyone takes on a more nervous demeanor. After coming to a bend in the trail the lead guard spots trouble, a wrecked and horseless cart with bodies nearby.

One of the guards went to go investigate the wreckage of a wagon as the other stands guard.

As the investigating guard pokes the bodies one lurches up and attacks , it’s a zombie riddled with arrows, at the same moment hidden archers attack the other guard sinking four arrows in unison. The body guard defends his charge, leaving the group as the only defenders of the caravan. Slowly other zombies all rise and shamble to there feet. From the woods a war cry rips our and a orcish warrior rushed to the dying guards side engaging the zombies as the Ranger and wizard unleash there abilities dropping the hidden goblin archers and the Cleric charges at the danger protecting the family from attack. Down the trail a mysterious figure comes into sight, a human rider dressed in black on a black steed. With the site of the new on comer the maiden throws back her cloak whispering something to her guardian and then in a commanding voice she turns to the group " it’s me they want! Protect the others!" Kicks her steed on and bolts south into the woods, a few goblins still hidden in the underbrush along with the rider run south the persue.

After the foes were dispatched the group noticed some foul ritual was cast on the unfortunate members of that caravan turning them into undead, but why were working with goblins. One of merchants Galwik Goldspinner recognizes the cart as one of his clans and knows it carried a few vials of hydras blood his clan had ordered from the south and is offering a reward to the adventures if they return it to him. As the dust settles the bodyguard tells everyone that the maiden who ran off is an friend of Baron Stockmer’s who will surely reward anyone who finds and rescues her.

Searching the woods for the maiden the group find the dying horse she was riding being devoured by a pair of wolves, after looking around this group attacking the horse is a goblin hunting party. The goblin with the crossbow seemed to miss every shot it took as the cleric ran up to attack the wolves, the ladies engaged in deadly long distance attacks as the fighter pursued a goblin in hiding chasing him down a ravine knocking him out and taking him prisoner. After interrogating the prisoner the group now have offered ‘Splug’ to pay him for being there hireling and guide, now Splug is taking the group to the old Minotaur temple where his goblin cohorts reside and the human who has taken over their home and demanded they do his bidding. That night as the adventures camped, sharing provisions with Splug further loosened his tongue further saying ’ Malaroth is his name, human death wizard, very bad man, I over hear him say to our shaman he wants all magic items we can find to make into magic powder for some magic trick. ’

With dawn the group are refreshed and heading out to the goblins abode…


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