House Kraneth Incident

The House Kraneth and the Lenkai Incident

Among the drow houses, house Kraneth is noted for being among the most magically inclined. Members of this household have the best odds of being born with inherit magical ability in their blood, and can reach greater arcane heights than the other drow houses. Additionally, thanks to the Arcana Carta treaty signed century ago, if significant magical talent is found in an individual, regardless of class or standing, they are to be sent to house Kraneth for magical tutelage and instruction. After said instruction is done, what happens next often depends on the former status of the individual. If they are of another house, particularly if they are of a noble or wealthy birth, they often return to their own houses. If, however, they are from the underclass or a slave, they are taken by house Kraneth to become part of their magical forces as combat thralls. Over time this built up a powerful addition to house Kraneth’s military.

At times, though, these conscripted magic users can be difficult to control. While they are treated somewhat better than most slaves and servants, and are closely monitored, the occasional headstrong magic user can be problematic. The case of the drow Lenkai is one of the most destructive examples of this. Formerly a slave of house Gorgom, Lenkai demonstrated magical talent from a very young age. This manifested itself in a harmless parlor tricks of summoning breezes and soft winds, but hinted at the potential for much more. Per the terms of the Arcana Carta, Lenkai was taken from house Gorgom and put in house Kraneth’s schools. Lenkai’s life as he grew was fairly unremarkable, though he proved to possess skill in manipulating winds and lightning. However, he was unusual in that he attempted to maintain contact with his former family, and for his friendship with the human slave Thomas.

When Lenkai grew into adulthood, he began showing signs of rebelliousness and insubordination. He would refuse to obey orders, and soon had a history of defying commanding officers. In particular, he frequently refused to use his abilities against unarmed or helpless targets, making him worthless as an assasin. He also frequently aspired to rise above his position of arcane slave. It is suspected his friendship with the human Thomas influenced his mindset, as the human has been known to tell him stories of the surface world. Disciplinary measures proved to be largely ineffective, and his rebelliousness was soon deemed to be more trouble than he was worth. However, before any plan could be enacted to remove Lenkai, he enacted plans of his own.

Six years ago, an explosion damaged a significant portion of the magical colleges of house Kraneth. One wing of the college was literally blown open from within, destroying a portion of the outer wall and killing several guards. Many slaves took the opportunity to flee, and killed more guards during their escape. Among the escaped was Lenkai and Thomas. Later investigations revealed that a large portion of alchemical stock was detonated by magical means, by lightning discharge cast amid several explosive reagents. Given Lenkai’s history of insubordination, suspicion fell on him. This was only supported by the discovery that Lenkai’s biological family back in house Gorgom had also been discovered missing, presumed escaped. It is unknown if Lenkai heard of the house’s decision to remove him, or if he simply gave in whole heartedly to the human slave’s stories.

The last sighting of Lenkai and his associates in the underdark was five and a half years ago, in the caverns nearest to the surface. It is suspected that the group of them have fled to the surface to live among other races, as unconfirmed reports have come to us about a group of drow dwelling in human lands. Nonetheless, a standing bounty is being offered for Lenkai, Thomas, and Lenkai’s family, either for live return or irrefutable proof of death. The house Kraneth does not tolerate this sort of rebellion from its slaves, and will richly reward any information leading to their capture.

It is suspected that Lenkai is going by the assumed name of Akneli on the surface. Be advised, he is considered extremely dangerous, and well trained in the arcane arts.

Authorized and signed by Matriarch Kraneth.

House Kraneth Incident

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