Rogrim's journal 3

Rogrim Kordmer’s war journal

Glory and honor to Kord, may he bless me with strength and courage.

Tenth day since exile, location: Fallcrest.

Undead slain so far
17 zombies
18 skeletons
2 dog skeletons
2 lesser necromancers
1 skeletal knight

I am torn. Many undead have been slain so far, but the truth is, skeletons and zombies are but a symptom. Kill all you want, all you can, more will just arise if one leaves the source of them all intact. And my allies have chosen to do just that.

While the wagons are being fixed, we chased down rumors of an undead sorcerer living in elvish space. We found her, alright. Her goblins were no match for us, but the giant spider she sent to kill us was more difficult. But when we confronted her, some magic of hers brought me down. Kord forgive me. But while I was saved from death, two of my companions, the bard and the masked conjurer, parlayed with the lich. They discovered that this wasn’t the being that was sending zombies against the farms and the town. Her anger was directed towards the elves, and she is probably right in saying that if she had made zombies, she would have sent them against the elves. She does have cause to hate them, an attack in the back is dishonorable. Of course, we don’t know why the elves would attack her. I’ve yet to hear their account of the dispute. It may be the lich was honorable in life, and the attack unprovoked. Or it may be that she was as vile while breathing as she is now.

I can only pray Kord sends me guidance. Against my better judgment, I kept my peace. First, two of my weakest allies had left my protection to parlay with her, and would have been struck down before I could get to them. Second, she actually agreed to a truce, and to set aside her quest for vengeance. Before this day, I had never even considered that there may be undead who might not be worthy of destruction. So far, all I have encountered are mindless beasts who only seek to kill, or scheming, plotting necromancers in the service of that god of undeath. Orcus or something like that. Is it even possible for an undead to be redeemed? To rise above the evil instincts that infests them? Before today, I would have said no. Now, I probably would still say no, but that assumption needs to be tested. I am forced to ask myself though, how many times has that been asked of orcs? How many people, who suffer raids and death at the hands of other tribes would consider my kind beyond redemption? For now… I will err on the side of mercy.

On the issue of the deception of the elves though, my course of action is more clear. That was a mistake. Showing mercy is one thing, but lying to the elves for the sake of a lich is another. Especially since I had sworn to bring back her head. Kord does not look favorably on oathbreakers. I must tell them of what has occurred somehow, and warn them that she remains alive. Or undead. I should put in that they managed to negotiate a truce of sorts with the lich, and that she agreed to stop her attacks on the elven people, but to remain wary nonetheless. I hope they forgive my silence. If I must choose between the two, I would rather befriend the elves, than the undead lich. Perhaps my allies think they can draw on the resources of both, but if they discover the truth, we may get neither. When I get the chance, I will send the elves warning.

My quandary aside, we have found the first item of power that the lady has been seeking. A crown that is brimming with a subtle magic. We had to fight the echo of some human lord for it, and it was quite the enjoyable battle too. During life, he would have been a warrior worthy of Kord. I am glad we were able to put him back to rest after that necromancer disturbed his peace. Though now that we have thwarted the plan to raise an army of dead within the city, we may have attracted the attention of greater dangers. Already we have been noticed, as the message stated. That is two leutenants we have slain now, and we may be considered more than just an annoyance at this point.

Lastly, what is up with that elf? Not the half blood, but the masked one. He was offered a seat at the lord’s table, and he turns it down? What would disfigurement matter? I bear the scars I’ve earned in battle, and do so proudly. If they’re willing to look at an orc’s mug through dinner, he can’t be that bad. The mask may have another reason though, given that speech about noble individuals from races normally considered evil. At first, I thought he was just laying ground work, in case the lich does decide to aid in the defense of the city. But now… it makes me wonder what really lies behind that mask.

Rogrim's journal 3

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