Rogrim's journal 1

Rogrim Kordmer’s war journal

Glory and honor to Kord, may he bless me with strength and courage.

Fourth day since exile, location: wilderness near the human settlements Fallcrest and Harkenwold

Undead slain so far:
3 zombies

It is but a drop in the ocean, a grain of sand in a desert. But every journey begins with the first step out on the path. I had been running down rumors of a necromancer in the area, tracking him for three days now. I had almost found him too, just as he and his goblin thralls sprung an ambush on a caravan. I was unable to attack him though, as he took off in pursuit of some other woman. Both were on horseback, and I was on foot, catching up to them would be impossible in the short term. I would have to go back to tracking. However, the caravan ambush demanded my immediate attention. To assist the ambush, the necromancer had forced a few bodies back into a mockery of life. They were swiftly returned to death, and the sigil used to summon them was smashed.

Fate had plans though. Several of the pink skins were taking off in pursuit of the two riders as well. It seems the one on the white horse was someone of importance. It didn’t matter much to me, my business was with the necromancer, but our paths run parallel for now. Other orcs might object to fighting with humans, but I am honor bound to hunt down undead, as I have sworn upon my blood to Kord. To do so with anything less than my utmost skill and ability would dishonor my oath. And in my eyes, not all skills revolve around killing. I would say working with allies is a very important skill, even unusual allies. They are good in a fight though, though only the holy man fights in a proper orcish way, crushing your enemy with strength and might. I guess since the others aren’t blessed with an orc’s strength, they must fight from afar. Ultimately, so long as the enemy is dead, it doesn’t matter too much.

Our hunt bore fruit before long. We found the woman’s horse, being mauled by a couple of wolves. There were some goblins in the area too, more thralls of the necromancer it turns out. But not as loyal as the necromancer might expect. Through a show of strength, we were able to convince one, a little mongrel named Splud, to turn on him, and lead us to his hideout. The others don’t trust him. I don’t really either, but I find myself liking Splud nonetheless. He reminds me of home. Once turned, he is quite eager to please, and seemingly happy in our service. It seems that this necromancer treated his thralls none too nicely. Or at least the ones deemed unimportant. Either way, if he remains loyal, I think I will buy him a new dagger, since he was admiring the ones that we had.

The group decided to camp for the night after the battle. An odd decision I thought, if they were journeying to rescue that woman. But it doesn’t matter to me. I doubt the necromancer will be going anywhere, he is what I am after anyway. Tomorrow, we will find him, and I will crush him in the name of Kord. It would be nice too, if the captive the pink skins seek is still alive as well. Might be another ally.

Oh, and horse meat is a very fine meal despite what others might say. Goblins and pink skins just don’t have the jaw strength to appreciate it. But Splud is a good meat cook though. His spices and seasonings, while… unusual, are surprisingly good once you try some.

Rogrim's journal 1

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