Rogrim's journal 2

Rogrim Kordmer’s war journal

Glory and honor to Kord, may he bless me with strength and courage.

Sixth day since exile, location: Minotaur temple.

Undead slain so far
5 zombies
2 skeletons
1 lesser necromancer

A productive day. The necromancer I was hunting is dead, and the undead servants he summoned returned to death. It was an enjoyable battle, and I did glory to Kord in the battle. Even being surrounded by the necromancer’s undead didn’t keep me from bringing justice to him. I should not brag too much, though, lest Kord decide I needed a taste of humility and turn fate against me. And I must give credit to the half elf. She may fight from a distance rather than up close, but her arrows are deadly.

And Splud too. Even if the little goblin is weak, he managed to kill one of the foes. I should speak with him later, and let him know he showed honor in Kord’s eyes. I could see him visibly trembling at the sight of the hobgoblins, no doubt they had not been kind to him, yet he still tried to fight them. Not well granted, but he still tried, and that in itself is worthy of commendation. We can improve his skill later. And I wager it helped him being able to stand up to his former tormenters, and to be left standing afterwards while the hobgoblins lay slain.

There is further good news too. We found the white lady. She has had a rough time, and will wear some scars from this experience, but she still drew breath. She struggled long enough to stay awake to implore us to take her to Fallcrest. I personally don’t see why not. I’ve done right by my oath, and to ignore a potential, and potentially very powerful, ally in my quest would dishonor myself.

Speaking of allies, we discovered a couple more while fighting our way through the corridors of the temple. A halfling captive, one being tormented for fun by a hobgoblin, was released from her chains. While my oath didn’t compel me, that hobgoblin deserved death on principle alone. Kord despises such cruelty to the helpless. Naturally, he was less capable at handing proper fighters who wasn’t already chained. Anyway, the halfling seemed quite grateful, once healed up with some magic water, and tagged along with our group to provide some healing should we need it.

The changeling, or doppelganger, though, is a much less certain case. She started out fighting us, alongside a couple of human traitors. But midway through the battle, she abruptly switched sides. Afterward, she claimed to have been sent by some human lord to infiltrate the group squatting in the temple. (If true, I commend the lord for seeing past normal prejudices.) Honestly, though, I thing she is an opportunist, and saw the winds changing very suddenly, and so changed her stripes as well. Nonetheless, I must give credit, she did provide some useful information on how to get into the necromancer’s chamber. We’ll take her with us to Fallcrest, and we can send word to the lord, and find out if she is being honest or not.

For now, I am content to go to Fallcrest, but my oath will compel me to set out again. I would not mind setting out with these companions though. Even though two of them were snatched away by divine meddling, the ranger has been stalwart and capable. But I must set out soon again. A letter in the possession of the dead necromancer told of a ritual being conducted to open up the floodgates for a wave of undead abominations. Unfortunately, it sounded like their plans were far along. If it succeeds , Fallcrest is likely to become an island of living under siege by death. The Kordmer clan will be threatened too. I must send them warning.

Lastly, I’ve claimed a trophy of battle from the hobgoblins. One bore a magical axe, set with rubies in the metal. It did not save him, though the battle left its mark upon me. I own it now. Hopefully it does not mind that undead seldom have blood to spill. But the zombies do make quite a mess when slain though. Not to mention that zombie’s head exploded rather spectacularly after the ranger put an arrow through it. It’s going to be a while before I can get the stench of rotting flesh out of my hair.

Rogrim's journal 2

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